Master Pilates Matwork Series

I excitedly arrived at The Source, found a mat and lay down to stretch while waiting for the Master Pilates Matwork session to start. I had been looking forward to this for weeks! A lady came and sat next to me and greeted me nervously. She asked me a few questions and then admitted that she wasn’t quite sure what this series was going to be about. All she knew was when … Continue reading

Myofascial Release using the Foam Ball

Myofascial release is a term that’s in most people’s vocabulary now. There are many different tools that one can use to facilitate myofascial release including foam rollers, small massage balls and then one of my other favourites, the Foam Ball, which I’ll be telling you a bit more about in this post. But first, here’s a bit of background on Fascia and Myofascial Release. What is Fascia Fascia is a system … Continue reading

Lipidol Skincare Range

Lipidol was another one of the lovely sponsors for our end of year goody bags last year. I received so much positive feedback from my ladies about the Cleansing Face Oil which they all had the opportunity to try. It was a great opportunity for them to try a product they’d seen in stores and been curious about. Lipidol was also kind enough to send me a bottle of the cleansing body oil to … Continue reading

ButtaNutt Tree Nut Spreads

For our End of Year Goody Bag last year, (I know, it was quite a while ago, but time flew by so quickly!) I was blown away by the generosity of our sponsors! I approached brands that I really believe in and absolutely love and they kindly agreed to sponsor their amazing products for our Goody Bag which was a HUGE hit with our ladies! I would like to tell … Continue reading

How to use the B4 Play Ball

We often take our body and what it’s capable of for granted. We neglect to prioritise ourself and our own well being when this should be on the top of our list of priorities! There are plenty of small and easy changes that you can make in your day-to-day routine to start showing your body the love and attention it deserves. One of the easiest, most beneficial and satisfying techniques that … Continue reading

A few of my favourite Pilates blogs and articles

As part of a personal development goal I have set for myself both in life and professionally, reading amazing Pilates blogs and content posted by others in the know is one of the most inspiring ways for me to learn. It really is a privilege to have access to such a wealth of knowledge these days. It’s all waiting for us, we just need to explore a bit! I would … Continue reading

Pilates Gift Vouchers for Christmas

The end of another year is starting to creep up on us. Between juggling end of year functions, planning the perfect holiday and braving the malls to get your Christmas shopping done, its starting to feel like the rush is about to begin. With so much to organise during this busy time, its nice to know that there are options out there to make things a bit easier. We’ve got … Continue reading

4 celebrities who do Pilates

Today, I’m taking a little break from our usual, informative style of posts to have a bit of fun! I always smile when I happen to overhear Pilates being mentioned in other people’s conversations. I love to hear people mention how tough it is, how great it is or how it’s benefited them. I also have to admit that I secretly (well not so secretly any more) love hearing about … Continue reading

There’s more to the Pilates Teaser than you can imagine!

This post is dedicated to all the people who have attempted the Pilates Teaser and: 1. Found it to be one of the more challenging Pilates exercises and see it as something to work towards 2. Have worked on this exercise consistently and seen their strength and technique really improve 3. Feel they have mastered the Teaser. They find it challenging but feel that with their technique and strength it … Continue reading

A fantastic lower ab workout!

So I’m posting something a bit different today. I’ve included a link to this post from another blogger whose creativity inspires me regularly! The blogger’s name is Cassey Ho and the name of her blog is Blogilates. I stumbled across her blog while looking for some exciting new exercises to do and have been hooked ever since! Once you have given it a go, I’m sure you’ll agree with me … Continue reading