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A fantastic lower ab workout!

So I’m posting something a bit different today. I’ve included a link to this post from another blogger whose creativity inspires me regularly! The blogger’s name is Cassey Ho and the name of her blog is Blogilates. I stumbled across her blog while looking for some exciting new exercises to do and have been hooked ever since! Once you have given it a go, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that this is an awesome workout for your lower abs!

We all know how difficult it is to target the lower abdominals. I think most of us struggle with stubborn fat around that area which often feels like the last thing to disappear when we’re following all the healthy living rules. So finding as many exercises specifically targeted to this area as possible is very exciting! ( Remember that it is not possible to target fat loss to a specific body part though. Ensuring the body part that we want to focus on is as strong as it can possibly be, combined with a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is the only way we will see the desired results). Keep reading for more information on how to effectively lose fat throughout the body in a healthy way.

Having a flat tummy looks great but it can also protect you from injury. A strong transversus abdominis (the band of muscle that wraps around the waist) helps to stabilize your back, making everyday tasks like lifting heavy objects a lot safer on your back.

Generally speaking, most of us have a good set of abdominal muscles. Whether or not you can see them depends on how much fat you have covering them. Full body strength training, cardio, programs like the one from Blogilates I’ve included in this post and following a healthy diet are all factors that should be combined to help get rid of unhealthy belly fat. So start stocking the fridge with some colourful, healthy food and get the body moving!

SO, below is the link to this great lower ab workout. I have just done these exercises myself and with my clients and they are really challenging! Bound to get you feeling the burn! Enjoy!!!

See the full original lower ab workout post at Blogilates here