Pregnancy Pilates – Dea’s progress – Week 33

I decided it was time to do another progress update on Dea and let you know how she is doing. The last time we did this was when she was at 26 weeks which seems like yesterday and now she is at 33 weeks! How time flies! As always, Dea is doing really well! She really is sailing through her pregnancy. She still walks into class at 7am twice a … Continue reading

Stretching & flexibility during pregnancy

In this post we’re going to focus on the benefits of stretching during pregnancy. We’ll cover how to prevent injury while stretching and I’ll show you some easy flexibility work you can enjoy on your own. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts on pregnancy, staying active during pregnancy is very important. As much as working on strength and focusing on specific muscles is an essential part of fitness during pregnancy, … Continue reading

Pregnancy Pilates – Dea’s progress – Week 26

I thought it was time for another update on Dea’s progress! She has been doing so well and has been really consistent with her Pilates classes which is the best way to maximise on the benefits of Pilates during pregnancy! In this picture, Dea is into her 26th week. She is looking amazing and every time I ask her how she is feeling, she says she is feeling great! That bump seems to … Continue reading

Pregnancy Pilates – Lower body exercises

In previous posts about Pilates during pregnancy we have covered other important areas to focus on such as arm exercises, tummy exercises and pelvic floor exercises. In this post, we will continue the series and discuss lower body exercises during pregnancy, focusing specifically on the glutes and the calves. The glutes play an important part in maintaining correct posture during pregnancy. Doing glute exercises can ease discomfort in your back and hips. They also help you maintain … Continue reading

Pregnancy Pilates – Arm exercises

Today we’re going to focus on some effective arm exercises to do during pregnancy to keep the arms toned and strong for when baby arrives. You’ll thank me when you’re carrying a minimum of 3.4kgs extra around in your arms for most of the day! As important as these arm exercises are, I’ve also included a great exercise that works the arms as well as the important upper back muscles. … Continue reading

Pregnancy Pilates – Dea’s Progress – Week 20

Dea has been doing some great work at her 7am sessions this week. She’s also been serving as a fantastic role model for other moms-to-be by demonstrating some tummy exercises for us. I thought it was time that we gave a more general update on her progress. This photo was actually taken last week which was Dea’s 20th week of her pregnancy – well into her 2nd trimester. As you … Continue reading

Your pelvic floor & Kegel exercises

While working with my clients, especially my pregnant clients, I am constantly reminded of how important the pelvic floor muscles are. Yet it seems that only when a women falls pregnant does she start becoming more aware of their existence and importance. It’s really quite unfortunate that so many women don’t know or realise how important their pelvic floor muscles are. Don’t worry – if you are read this and … Continue reading

Pregnancy Pilates – 2 Great Abdominal Exercises

As you might know from previous posts, I am working very closely with a pregnant client called Dea at the moment. Dea is into her 20th week – a time when questions usually come up around abdominal exercises. People often ask how to do tummy exercises safely from the second trimester onwards when a pregnant woman’s physique really starts to change. As Dea is at this stage now and we … Continue reading

Pregnancy Exercise – What should you be focusing on?

Before I dive into the Pilates exercises you should be doing during pregnancy, I thought I would take a step back and write a post about the types of exercise you should be doing while pregnant generally. Pregnant women have specific requirements and restrictions that they should bear in mind when getting involved in any kind of exercise program. As you read this post, I’m confident that it will become … Continue reading

Pregnancy Pilates – Introduction

I’ve decided to start a new category for the blog focusing on Pilates during pregnancy. My newest pregnant client, Dea is the inspiration for this project and has kindly agreed to allow us to follow her progress through her pregnancy. The regular posts will include the exercises done during the week, focusing on appropriate exercises for the stage of pregnancy, useful tips including good stretches and relaxation techniques as well … Continue reading