ButtaNutt Tree Nut Spreads

For our End of Year Goody Bag last year, (I know, it was quite a while ago, but time flew by so quickly!) I was blown away by the generosity of our sponsors! I approached brands that I really believe in and absolutely love and they kindly agreed to sponsor their amazing products for our Goody Bag which was a HUGE hit with our ladies! I would like to tell … Continue reading

Low Carb High Fat Mini Cheesecakes

When planning, preparing and going out for meals, we try to stay as Low Carb, High Fat as possible but it’s definitely not always easy. I have a serious sweet tooth and am constantly tempted by the evil aisles in the grocery stores leading up to the till, or by the delicious sounding desserts on a menu. With a little bit of planning, motivation and excellent replacement recipes, lowering the amount of … Continue reading

Low carb cooking – Roast pepper magic

One of my favourite low carb weekend meals has to be a cheese platter! Some local cheeses, olives and charcuterie are a winning combination of low carb treats! To balance the meal out a bit, I love adding a fresh Caprese salad into the mix but my favourite vegetable accompaniment to a cheese platter has to be roast peppers! This roast pepper recipe is so simple and so delicious, I … Continue reading

Low carb recipe – Egg muffins

This low carb recipe is so quick and easy. It’s perfect to quickly make on a Sunday evening, leaving you prepared with a healthy, tasty and quick breakfast during the week. Ingredients 12 eggs mixed herbs salt & pepper 1 red pepper 2 rounds of feta (any fillings will do – get creative, try something different each time) Method Preheat oven to 200 degrees Grease muffin tins enough for 12 … Continue reading

12 foods for healthy bones

When it comes to building strong, healthy bones, the essential nutrients we need can be found in the food we eat. These nutrients include calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K and magnesium. Calcium is stored in your bones, while vitamin D helps the bones to absorb the calcium. Recent studies indicate that vitamin K may help prevent bone resorption and magnesium helps to keep bones strong (50 percent of the body’s magnesium … Continue reading

The perfect low carb pasta substitute

In the spirit of eating for fat-loss and as mentioned in a previous post where we covered how grains can hinder our fat loss efforts, we have a fantastic recipe for those of you who cant quite get over those pasta cravings.This is an almost perfect substitute for pasta. It’s obviously not exactly the same but it is surprisingly satisfying as an alternative to the real thing. Once you’ve mastered … Continue reading

How To Get in Shape for Summer

For those of us in Cape Town, around October we start to see a glimmer of hope that summer is on its way. We see a few days go by with no rain, the temperatures start to tip 20 degrees and the tell-tale wind starts to blow a little. Of course with those signs of good weather approaching, we also start to think a little more about our bodies. Come … Continue reading

Eating for fat loss – Your last resort: Dairy

This is the last in a long series of posts about eating for fat loss. In our previous posts, we’ve outlined how you can change your diet to support your fat loss efforts in a series of steps. This included some relatively straightforward measures: Remove sugar from your diet Reduce your refined carbohydrate and grain intake Stop drinking beverages that are high in carbs and sugar Limit your fruit intake … Continue reading

Getting serious about fat loss – Step 2: letting go of legumes

In our previous post on fat loss, we explained how significantly reducing your grain intake can reignite your fat loss efforts if you’ve hit a plateau. In this post, we’ll explain how you can take this even further by cutting out legumes. Recap: carbohydrates can stall your fat loss efforts In previous posts, we’ve recommended reducing your sugar, grain and fruit intake all with one goal in mind: reducing the amount of … Continue reading

Getting serious about fat loss – Step 1: reconsidering grains

If you’ve been following our series on eating for fat loss, you’ll know that we’ve outlined 4 steps towards eating to lose body fat. Cutting sugar out of your diet Eliminating high GI, refined and simple carbohydrates by sticking to whole grains Choosing your beverages to avoid drinking extra carbs Being selective about the fruit you eat If you incorporate each of these suggestions into your diet gradually, I’m very … Continue reading