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Studio 2 Pilates Join Our Online Pilates Classes

While we all facing the reality of life throughout the Covid pademic, finding small ways of bringing “normal moments” into our days is going to become more and more important during these challenging times.

A big part of so many of our lives is exercise and it remains one of the key pillars of health that will help to maintain a strong, resilient body and mind while we are adapting to our new way of life.

We feel very privileged to be in a position where, with the use of modern technology, we’re able to offer our community the option to continue exercising in the comfort and safety of their own homes through online classes.

Join us for our online Pilates, Stretch, HIIT, and Barre classes! We strongly believe that these classes will provide a sense of support and community as well as an important moment to practice a bit of self-care.

Online Class Schedule

We’re running the majority of our usual scheduled classes which provides plenty of options throughout the day, 7 days a week. Please have a look at our class schedule to find a time that works for you!

If you’re interested in joining us for our online classes, please contact us as we offer a free introductory class for all our group classes. So please get in touch to book your spot!

Then if you would like to have the option to view our online classes when it suits your own personal schedule through our Pre-Recorded Zoom Class Package, we can add this benefit to your current studio packages.

We can’t wait to see you online!