Lipidol Skincare Range

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Lipidol was another one of the lovely sponsors for our end of year goody bags last year. I received so much positive feedback from my ladies about the Cleansing Face Oil which they all had the opportunity to try. It was a great opportunity for them to try a product they’d seen in stores and been curious about.

Lipidol was also kind enough to send me a bottle of the cleansing body oil to try which I enjoyed using so much that it now has a permanent spot on my shower shelf.

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A few interesting things about Lipidol:

  • Lipidol is an affordable skincare range that was created by the same company that makes Bio-Oil
  • All the products in the range are oil based
  • The products are suitable for all skin types including sensitive and oily skin
    • Oily skin still needs moisture and oil helps the skin retain moisture which is lost through day to day activities including taking a hot shower
  • The range is lightly fragranced with essential oils and coloured with food-grade plant extracts

Lipidol Cleansing Face Oil

Lipidol Cleansing Face OilThe Cleansing Face oil is used on dry skin to start with, giving it a chance to bind with dirt and make up. Then after adding a little water, the mixture emulsifies into a watery cream that keeps the skin’s moisture locked in while easily rinsing off leaving no oily residue behind. I found it super effective at removing my foundation and my skin felt great after use.

Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil

Lipidol Cleansing Body OilThe Cleansing Body Oil has a fresh lime scent that immediately invigorates you when you pour it out the bottle and into your hands. It lathers slightly on wet skin and rinses off easily without leaving any residue behind. It wont strip the skin’s natural oils yet leaves you feeling squeaky clean! It’s also perfect for throwing in your gym bag when you’re going to shower at the gym and want to feel fresh and moisturised before heading to work.

I’ve only tried these 2 products but I’ve heard great things about the other products in the range too. I can highly recommend these if you’re looking for a great oil based skincare range and I’m so grateful to Lipidol for sharing the love with all my hard working ladies! I know that quite a few of them have continued using Lipidol since, so that kinda says it all!