About Studio 2 Barre – The cardio companion to Pilates

Studio 2 Pilates About Studio 2 Barre – The cardio companion to Pilates

What is Studio 2 Barre?

No matter what your preferred type of exercise, it is very important to have a balanced training program that includes work on muscular fitness, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, core strength and balance. Fortunately, Pilates incorporates most of these aspects very thoroughly. However, there is one area that Pilates does not focus on quite as much as the others – cardiovascular or aerobic exercise.

Studio 2 Barre is designed to address this gap by combining the principles of Pilates with cardio training. It still promises a detailed workout, focusing on alignment and correct form while getting the heart rate up and leaving you with a healthy glow throughout the class.

It draws much of its inspiration from the barre work that dancers do in their training and so it is also done to music. Please don’t picture anything too slow and graceful though! Studio 2 Barre will really get your heart rate up, blasting your body fat and toning up those muscles. You don’t need any dance experience – just some enthusiasm!

By combining Barre classes with your Pilates classes, we hope all your training requirements can be met at Studio2!

Class times

All classes are 55 minutes long. Our classes are small with a maximum of 5 ladies per class, allowing each individual to benefit from personal attention from the instructor throughout the class.

  • Monday 18:00-18:55 (online)
  • Wednesday 10:45-11:40 (online)
  • Wednesday 17:00-17:55 (online)
  • Thursday 17:00-17:55 (studio)


These classes run on exactly the same pricing structure as our usual group classes. Clients pay a monthly fee in advance depending on how many times per week they attend. Of course, you can combine these with your group Pilates classes to reduce the rate per class!

  • One class per week: R630 per month
  • Two classes per week R1140 per month
  • Three classes per week: R1570.00 per month

If you’re interested in giving Studio 2 Barre a try, contact us to book a slot!

The history of the Barre Method

The origins of barre workouts began in 1959 with a German ballet dancer named Lotte Berk. After sustaining a back injury and dedicating time to her rehabilitation, she had the idea to combine her ballet barre work with her rehab exercises. The system was so effective that she began teaching others. One of her students, an American named Lydia Bach, was so impressed with the technique that she bought the rights to Lotte’s name and in 1971 opened The Lotte Berk Method exercise studio in Manhattan.

What was originally the “Lotte Berk Method” later became “The Bar Method” and today there are dozens of variations on the theme. All of which still offer basically the same system focusing on small deep muscular movements done repetitively working specific muscle groups to the point of exhaustion.

We are very excited to be able to offer this class as the perfect add-on to a Pilates training routine.

A word from our Studio 2 Barre instructor

Studio 2 Barre is taught by Romy Sacks who is also one of our Pilates instructors in Mowbray. Below you’ll find a word from Romy on what she loves about this class.

“I’ve been training and teaching in the Barre method for almost 10 years now and WOW! What a difference it has made for me, both physically and mentally!

When introduced to this new Barre method, I was quite hesitant at first. How could something like Pilates, a very structured method of exercise be combined along with dance to form an energetic cardio workout? After trying my first class I was amazed! I was sweating, my entire body was shaking and, felt that my body had been worked really hard and it was lots of fun! The combination of the different styles of exercise, props, and music were all perfectly combined into a class that left me feeling excited for the next one.

Something that really stood out for me too was that it wasn’t just about randomly throwing a few disciplines together. The repertoire has been very carefully thought out and the integrity of each discipline is still very much a part of the Barre method. The Pilates principles are still very much there, guiding you through each movement which is perfect for those of us who feel strongly about good technique during exercise.

After 8 months of training with my fellow instructors for our certification, we were all shocked at how our bodies had completely changed! We all felt toned and strong in all the right places!

As much as I love my Pilates, I have found, along with others who have tried this new Barre method, that the combination of Pilates and Studio 2 Barre is truly beneficial. So many of us want to find a fun way to add cardio into our exercise routines and I really believe that Studio 2 Barre is a perfect way to do exactly that! I highly recommend that any student of Pilates gives Studio 2 Barre at least one try. Although it might be quite challenging at first, as most new challenges are, after a couple of sessions you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll start to notice and feel the difference in your body!”