Make Meditation a Daily Practice

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day — unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.” – Zen proverb Understanding the benefits of meditation, I continue to dabble in it at home as I try to establish the practice as a part of my daily routine. I’ve participated in workshops, read up about different methods and subscribed to various guided meditation apps. Being fully aware … Continue reading

The Plank

With Summer around the corner, we’ve decided to challenge and motivate our clients by bringing in a theme to focus on this month. With this we hope to educate and help each of them reach new fitness goals while keeping things fun! So the theme is: The Plank! Here’s why we decided on this exercise… Why The Plank? The Pilates Plank or also known as Front Support is an isometric exercise that targets the … Continue reading

Master Pilates Matwork Series

I excitedly arrived at The Source, found a mat and lay down to stretch while waiting for the Master Pilates Matwork session to start. I had been looking forward to this for weeks! A lady came and sat next to me and greeted me nervously. She asked me a few questions and then admitted that she wasn’t quite sure what this series was going to be about. All she knew was when … Continue reading

Staying Aligned…

The magic of combining Chiropractic with Pilates I recently visited Dr Tarryn Mey for a bit of maintenance on a chronic neck niggle that tends to pop up every now and then when I neglect it for a while. Needless to say, my neck felt so much better after seeing Tarryn and I found her advice to be so useful and easy to relate to. Her gentle approach is from a place of understanding, knowledge and … Continue reading

Springspiration – tips to get you inspired for Spring!

Introducing Springspration! I’ve decided to make the most of Spring and get as inspired as possible by inspiring you! The mission Each weekday in September I’ll post something on our Facebook page that I find interesting, useful or inspiring. Not necessarily just Pilates-specific posts. It will consist of some of my favourite (waistline-friendly) recipes, tips, exercise videos, words of wisdom and fun facts! How do I get involved? Make sure … Continue reading

Winter in Cape Town

It’s fast approaching Winter in Cape Town and I’m feeling inspired to point out that even though we spend so much time outdoors in Summer, that there are loads of indoor activities to keep us entertained, happy and fit during the wet and cold Cape Town Winter. The first thing I noticed when I moved to Cape Town from Johannesburg was that there are so many people outside! People walking their dogs, … Continue reading