Myofascial Release using the Foam Ball

Myofascial release is a term that’s in most people’s vocabulary now. There are many different tools that one can use to facilitate myofascial release including foam rollers, small massage balls and then one of my other favourites, the Foam Ball, which I’ll be telling you a bit more about in this post. But first, here’s a bit of background on Fascia and Myofascial Release. What is Fascia Fascia is a system … Continue reading

Staying Aligned…

The magic of combining Chiropractic with Pilates I recently visited Dr Tarryn Mey for a bit of maintenance on a chronic neck niggle that tends to pop up every now and then when I neglect it for a while. Needless to say, my neck felt so much better after seeing Tarryn and I found her advice to be so useful and easy to relate to. Her gentle approach is from a place of understanding, knowledge and … Continue reading

How to use the B4 Play Ball

We often take our body and what it’s capable of for granted. We neglect to prioritise ourself and our own well being when this should be on the top of our list of priorities! There are plenty of small and easy changes that you can make in your day-to-day routine to start showing your body the love and attention it deserves. One of the easiest, most beneficial and satisfying techniques that … Continue reading

Preventing neck and back pain

After a trip to the hairdresser, one too many flicks of my new fringe left me with an intense neck spasm and since then, a niggle that’s easily aggravated by extended time in front of my computer. As my dodgy neck niggle serves as a constant reminder about my posture and how to sit at my computer in particular, to prevent neck and back pain, I thought it might be … Continue reading

A deeper look into core strength

Core strength is an important part of a well-rounded fit and healthy body. Aside from occasional situps and pushups, however, core exercises are often neglected. Read on to find out what your core is, why it’s important to strengthen your core and how to do this with some simple Pilates exercises. What is the core? Contrary to the popular belief that the core refers only to the abdominal or lower-back … Continue reading

Exercise for strong and healthy bones

Along with eating the right foods, physical exercise is an important tool to help build strong and healthy bones. Certain types of exercise have been shown to be particularly beneficial. 1. Resistance training Studies have shown that bone density can be increased by doing resistance training for as little as 12 to 20 minutes, three days a week.These exercises include activities where you use your body, a weight or a resistance accessory … Continue reading

12 foods for healthy bones

When it comes to building strong, healthy bones, the essential nutrients we need can be found in the food we eat. These nutrients include calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K and magnesium. Calcium is stored in your bones, while vitamin D helps the bones to absorb the calcium. Recent studies indicate that vitamin K may help prevent bone resorption and magnesium helps to keep bones strong (50 percent of the body’s magnesium … Continue reading

Get Spring back in your step

If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you will have noticed that I’m on a mission to inspire and be inspired this Spring! Getting fit for Spring requires putting goals in place and following through. This is certainly easier to do when you’re going into the season that is all about growth and rejuvenation. It’s an exciting time! Think sunshine, shady trees on warm days, a cold glass of rosé, sun dresses, beach time, … Continue reading

Springspiration – tips to get you inspired for Spring!

Introducing Springspration! I’ve decided to make the most of Spring and get as inspired as possible by inspiring you! The mission Each weekday in September I’ll post something on our Facebook page that I find interesting, useful or inspiring. Not necessarily just Pilates-specific posts. It will consist of some of my favourite (waistline-friendly) recipes, tips, exercise videos, words of wisdom and fun facts! How do I get involved? Make sure … Continue reading

Winter in Cape Town

It’s fast approaching Winter in Cape Town and I’m feeling inspired to point out that even though we spend so much time outdoors in Summer, that there are loads of indoor activities to keep us entertained, happy and fit during the wet and cold Cape Town Winter. The first thing I noticed when I moved to Cape Town from Johannesburg was that there are so many people outside! People walking their dogs, … Continue reading