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Pilates Gift Vouchers for Christmas

Gift box red with bowThe end of another year is starting to creep up on us. Between juggling end of year functions, planning the perfect holiday and braving the malls to get your Christmas shopping done, its starting to feel like the rush is about to begin. With so much to organise during this busy time, its nice to know that there are options out there to make things a bit easier. We’ve got the Christmas gifts sorted for the ladies in you life! Buy her a Pilates Class Gift Voucher!

Why buy a Pilates Gift Voucher?

Pilates gift vouchers are a fantastic Christmas present, not only for the lucky recipient but also for the person who has to do the shopping! Here are a few reasons to consider buying one for a lucky lady this year:

  • You’re fresh out of original ideas – this one definitely ticks the different box!
  • You don’t have to brave the shopping malls! We all know how painful visiting a mall can be at this time of year. You can organise a Pilates Gift voucher with Studio2Pilates from your couch!
  • This isn’t just any gift voucher – Pilates classes will give that special lady an opportunity to indulge and spend some time doing something for her body and her soul. Give her the chance to do something really good for herself!

How do I get one?

You’ll find all the prices as well as an order form on our gift voucher page.

Customise your voucher to suit your needs and budget and we will email it to you ready to print. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can collect your voucher ready-printed from Studio2Pilates.

If you need any advice on different packages or if you’re not sure what options to choose, contact Dianne to discuss all your needs!

Enjoy the hustle and bustle that comes with this time! Remember it’s all about having fun and relaxing, not wasting time in shops and queues!