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Studio2Barre: now a permanent part of Studio2Pilates

Studio2Barre Hip PlieAs some of you know, a few weeks ago we launched a new type of class at Studio2Pilates – Studio2Barre. Combining elements of Pilates, Stretching & dance, Studio2Barre provides a bit of variety and some intense cardio to supplement our clients’ regular Pilates classes.

We’ve been thrilled to receive very positive feedback from the ladies who have given Studio2Barre a try and so we are pleased to announce that Studio2Barre will have a permanent slot on Thursdays at 7pm. We will also be trialling a second slot on Saturdays at 10am for those who can’t make Thursdays.

Based on the feedback we’ve received from our clients, we are also going to open up the Studio2Barre classes to drop-ins. While we don’t usually work on this model at Studio2Pilates, we recognise that Studio2Barre is an opportunity to get in some extra cardio (and fun) over and above a weekly Pilates program. For this reason, we will allow clients to sign up for individual Barre classes by paying R120 in advance – first-come first-served. Those who are interested in booking a permanent slot may still do so based on our normal group class rates.

So whether you’re interested in doing Studio2Barre every week or just one to give it a try once, get in touch and book your slot!

A word from our Studio2Barre instructor

I also want to take the opportunity to thank Romy Sacks, our Studio2Barre instructor, for bringing the Barre method to Studio2Pilates. Romy has been teaching Pilates at the Studio for some time but we only recently decided to take advantage of her qualifications in the Barre method. As it’s now going to be a permanent part of Studio2Pilates, I asked Romy to share her thoughts on the Barre. You can read what she had to say below.

“I’ve been training and teaching in the Barre method for almost 3 years now and WOW! What a difference it has made for me, both physically and mentally!

Studio2Barre plie with ballWhen introduced to this new Barre method, I was quite hesitant at first. How could something like Pilates, a very structured method of exercise, be combined along with dance to form an energetic cardio workout? After trying my first class I was amazed! I was sweating, my entire body had been worked really hard and it was lots of fun! The combination of the different styles of exercise, props and music were all perfectly combined into a class that left me feeling excited for the next one.

Something that really stood out for me too was that it wasn’t just about randomly throwing a few disciplines together. The repertoire has been very carefully thought out and the integrity of each discipline is still very much a part of the Barre method. The Pilates principles are still very much there, guiding you through each movement which is perfect for those of us who feel strongly about good technique during exercise.

After 8 months of training with my fellow instructors for our certification, we were all shocked at how our bodies had completely changed! We all felt toned and strong in all the right places!

As much as I love my Pilates, I have found, along with others who have tried this new Barre method, that the combination of Pilates and Studio2Barre is truly beneficial. So many of us want to find a fun way to add cardio into our exercise routines and I really believe that Studio2Barre is a perfect way to do exactly that! I highly recommend that any student of Pilates gives Studio2Barre at least one try. Although it might be quite challenging at first, as most new challenges are, after a couple of sessions you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll start to notice and feel the difference in your body!”


Join so many women who are discovering the benefits of combining these methods together to complement their Pilates practice!

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