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Why we offer a free introductory group class

Since opening the Studio a few years ago, we have always offered a free introductory group class to prospective clients. Some people have been surprised to hear that we do this at Studio2, even when the client is ready to sign up for classes right away. In this post, I thought I would share why it is that we always offer this free introductory class.

1. To assess your level of fitness and experience with Pilates

First and foremost, we offer a free introductory class so that we can assess potential clients. Whether you have previous experience with a different Pilates Studio or not, it’s very difficult to communicate where you are in terms of fitness and ability verbally, so we really prefer to have one of our instructors see for themselves. This allows us to make sure you are placed in the right group and/or that we design the right programme for you.

2. To give you a very brief intro to Pilates

For those of you who are new to Pilates, this is your chance to find out a little bit about what Pilates really is. I still find that there’s a lot of confusion about Pilates out there, so this is our chance to answer those questions like:

  • Is Pilates like Yoga?
  • Is Pilates a good overall workout?
  • What will we actually be doing in the Pilates classes?

It’s worth mentioning that some of these questions are actually answered in our FAQs but there’s no substitute for trying it out yourself to see what Pilates is all about!

3. To give you a feel for our Studio

I truly believe that our little Pilates Studio is quite different to a lot of the other ones out there and I think it’s important for people to come and see for themselves what makes it unique. It’s a small and intimate place and with group classes that are rarely more than 5 ladies (and never more than 6), I think we offer one of the best environments in which to practice. That’s why I really encourage prospective clients to come check out the Studio for themselves!

Our studio

4. To let you “try before you buy”

Of course, it goes without saying that one of the reasons for offering a free class is to let you try out Pilates, and specifically Studio2Pilates, before you commit to classes.  We ask for payment in advance month by month so we like to let a prospective client have a look first before signing up!

5. To make sure you can make it to your first class on time!

It might seem silly, but it’s only natural to get a little lost the first time you go anywhere.  By having a free introductory class, you can make sure you know where you’re going and aren’t late for your first paid class.

So those are the reasons that we invite all prospective clients to have a free introductory class.  If you’d like to book yourself in for one, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.