Studio 2 Pilates Pregnancy Pilates Pregnancy Pilates – Dea’s progress – Week 33

Pregnancy Pilates – Dea’s progress – Week 33

I decided it was time to do another progress update on Dea and let you know how she is doing. The last time we did this was when she was at 26 weeks which seems like yesterday and now she is at 33 weeks! How time flies!

33 weeks pregnant profileAs always, Dea is doing really well! She really is sailing through her pregnancy. She still walks into class at 7am twice a week with a spring in her step. Aside from a bit of back pain when standing or walking for too long, which is understandable, Dea even says she is sleeping better than ever at the moment!

What happens at week 33 of pregnancy?

Baby: Your baby weighs about 2.04kg now and will continue to gain weight rapidly, an average 226g per week. It’s pupils can now adjust to dim or bright light like yours! Your amniotic fluid has reached its maximum level now. There is no more room for any more since baby has grown so much, which explains why baby’s kicks feel sharper and a bit more uncomfortable.

Mom-to-be: You will probably continue to gain about half a kilogram a week. You may be experiencing Braxton Hicks – these painless uterine contractions are nature’s way of providing a practice session for the real thing. They help to create a surge of oxygenated blood to the placenta. Unless they are accompanied by pain or become regular, don’t be concerned. A simple change of position or warm shower can often help them to settle.

We’ll still continue with gentle pregnancy Pilates exercises for Dea over these last few weeks focusing on:

Dea has honestly been a pleasure to teach and watching her bump grow and listening to her stories about her journey have been such fun! Our next update will have to be a pic of mom and baby! Looking forward to that update! Till then…