Studio 2 Pilates Pregnancy Pilates Pregnancy Pilates – Dea’s progress – Week 26

Pregnancy Pilates – Dea’s progress – Week 26

I thought it was time for another update on Dea’s progress! She has been doing so well and has been really consistent with her Pilates classes which is the best way to maximise on the benefits of Pilates during pregnancy!

Dea into her 26th week of pregnancy

In this picture, Dea is into her 26th week. She is looking amazing and every time I ask her how she is feeling, she says she is feeling great! That bump seems to grow a little more every time I see her!

What happens at week 26 of pregnancy?

Baby: Hearing is fully developed and eyes start to open for the first time. Sleep patterns have developed and he/she measures around 36cm from head to toe and weighs about 760g.

Mom-to-be: At this stage you would have put on between 7 to 10kg (this is an average amount, remember everybody develops differently). You may be feeling some rib pain as the baby grows and pushes upwards onto your rib cage. This pressure may cause heartburn and indigestion. Make sure that you are getting enough rest. Your body needs more sleep than usual, and sleep is often the best (and quickest) way of easing symptoms like headaches. Exercise is a great way to encourage a good nights rest!

We have been working particularly hard recently on the following areas to help prepare for the challenges that lie ahead:

We’ll be checking in again with Dea as soon as she moves into her third and final trimester!