Studio 2 Pilates Pregnancy Pilates Pregnancy Pilates – Dea’s Progress – Week 20

Pregnancy Pilates – Dea’s Progress – Week 20

Dea - pregnant Pilates client - 20 weeks

Dea at 20 weeks (hopefully my photography skills are improving!)

Dea has been doing some great work at her 7am sessions this week. She’s also been serving as a fantastic role model for other moms-to-be by demonstrating some tummy exercises for us. I thought it was time that we gave a more general update on her progress.

This photo was actually taken last week which was Dea’s 20th week of her pregnancy – well into her 2nd trimester. As you can see, she’s definitely showing quite a bump now! But that hasn’t stopped her from putting in some great workouts.

As Dea is in the middle of her pregnancy, we’ve been focusing on some important areas that will keep her healthy during her full 38 weeks and also prepare her body for labour. Specifically, we’ve focused quite a bit on:

  • Abdominal exercises (without lying on her back) – it’s important to do these to prevent back pain and also to help with post-childbirth recovery
  • Pelvic floor¬†exercises – this is an area that can really weaken due to the strains of pregnancy if not adequately worked
  • Arm exercises – you’ve got to be ready to carry baby all day long!

We’ll check in again in a few weeks to see how she’s doing!