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Pregnancy Pilates – Introduction

Profile photo of Pilates student 16 weeks pregnant

Dea 16 weeks pregnant

I’ve decided to start a new category for the blog focusing on Pilates during pregnancy. My newest pregnant client, Dea is the inspiration for this project and has kindly agreed to allow us to follow her progress through her pregnancy.

The regular posts will include the exercises done during the week, focusing on appropriate exercises for the stage of pregnancy, useful tips including good stretches and relaxation techniques as well as pictures of Dea as the weeks pass by and her bump keeps growing!

This will also provide me an opportunity to improve my own photographic skills – please forgive this first attempt – hopefully the quality will improve over the coming weeks!

Dea is an active person. Crossfit, golf, cycling and Pilates are just a few of the activities she enjoys. She has had to tone things down a bit during the pregnancy and has chosen to follow a Pilates program to keep active, strong and motivated while she’s pregnant.

Pilates and pregnancy go together really well because most Pilates exercises are very adaptable. The exercises can be modified as the body changes and certain movements or positions become uncomfortable. A modified exercise will work the same muscles but in a way that is safe and comfortable for the mom-to-be.

Pilates is also one of the best exercises to do during pregnancy to help strengthen the abdominals, back and pelvic floor muscles. This will support a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery.

It goes without saying that one should proceed very cautiously with any form of exercise during pregnancy.  Don’t try new exercise forms for the first time during pregnancy – Dea already has a lot of Pilates experience under her belt.  Consult your doctor before undertaking any exercise regime and make sure to work with someone experienced who can supervise you.

I look forward to sharing Dea’s Pilates experience during her pregnancy with you!

Stay tuned to read about Pregnancy Pilates exercises and monitor Dea’s progress!



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