Studio 2 Pilates Promotions 15% Off Group Classes, Mon-Fri, 1pm-4pm!

15% Off Group Classes, Mon-Fri, 1pm-4pm!

With many of our prime slots in the morning and evening already taken, we’re offering a new discounted rate to clients who are happy to visit the Studio during our quieter times, Monday to Friday, between 1pm and 4pm.

We also recognise that some people may be looking for a more affordable way to start or continue Pilates, so we thought this off-peak promotion would be a great way to give those people a chance to experience what Studio2Pilates has to offer!

This promotional rate is for group 55 minute classes of at least 3 people, so get a group of friends or colleagues together and let us know which of these time slots might work for you. Even if you don’t have a group ready, please do get in touch and let us know when you might be able to train and we’ll do our best to put you together with other ladies interested in the same time slot.

All potential clients are entitled to a Free Introductory Class to give you a feel for the Studio and give us an opportunity to assess your skill and fitness levels.

So take advantage of this offer, take an hour from your day and do something good for yourself!


The prices listed are based on 55 minute classes and the rates are per person per month. This includes a 15% discount off our standard rates.

  • One class per week: R400.00
  • Two classes per week: R731.00
  • Three classes per week: R994.50

Contact us to find out more and to book your FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS.



Terms and conditions:

  1. The promotional rate will only apply to new clients signing up for 55 minute classes between 1pm and 4pm Monday to Friday
  2. Space in these classes is subject to availability
  3. Studio2Pilates reserves the right to change class times, prices and the times during which the promotion applies
  4. You must make specific reference to the promotion when signing up to claim your discount
  5. There must be a minimum of 3 students in a class for the rate to apply.  If at a later date, the number of participants reduces to less than 3, our standard rates will apply
  6. Studio2Pilates reserves the right to end this promotion at any date in the future