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Individual Pilates classes at reduced rates!

Would you love to do individual Pilates classes?

Individual Pilates classIndividual Pilates classes are a great way for you and your instructor to work together to find what works for your body and pin point specific areas that need special attention. Having classes customised to your own needs is the most efficient way to reach your goals and to start seeing results. For many of us though, these classes might be a bit out of our price range and so group classes are the more pocket friendly option.

Apprentice instructor, Celeste de BruynWe are thrilled to be able to make private classes more accessible to those of you who are looking to take your practice to the next level. We are very proud to announce that we have recently added a new instructor to our team, Celeste de Bruyn. Celeste is joining us as part of an apprentice program and will be completing her Pilates certification with Conscious Movement Education, while training with us.

As part of this apprentice program, we will be offering individual Pilates classes with Celeste at a reduced rate. These are a great way to enjoy the benefits of individual Pilates classes at a more affordable rate. These rates will be applicable through to the end of August.

Summer bodies are created and maintained in Winter! Why not take advantage of this great offer and start benefiting from individual Pilates classes now!


Individual Pilates classes taught by Celeste (Monthly fee, per client)
  • One class per week R750.00 (normally R1000.00)
  • Two classes per week R1425.00 (normally R1900.00)
  • Three classes per week R2025.00 (normally R2700.00)

Prices are based on a monthly fee payable at the beginning of the month by cash or EFT.

As always, your first class with us is free, so contact us to book your free introductory class soon, available slots are limited!