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Get Spring back in your step

getting fit for Spring

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If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you will have noticed that I’m on a mission to inspire and be inspired this Spring! Getting fit for Spring requires putting goals in place and following through. This is certainly easier to do when you’re going into the season that is all about growth and rejuvenation. It’s an exciting time! Think sunshine, shady trees on warm days, a cold glass of rosé, sun dresses, beach time, picnics, sundowners and dinner outdoors. These are just a few of the things that I’m looking forward to as the days get longer and warmer. So with that in mind, Iv’e thought of 3 measures to put into place as we move further into Spring!

1. Recover quickly when a craving or binge takes over

You’ve put so much effort into making healthy choices when it comes to your diet. Then one huge craving or cheat day comes along and you feel de-motivated by what you see on the scale and by how you feel. This makes you feel like all your hard work has been wasted and you then feel like you might as well continue to eat badly. Don’t let this mindset set in!

Picking up weight after a carb binge is normal, because when you eat carbohydrates your body stores water. Don’t stress! Don’t allow guilt or regret to stop you from getting back onto your healthy wagon as soon as you can. Instead, look forward to how great you’re going to feel as soon as you eat that first healthy meal again! Drink plenty of water, stick to your healthy eating habits and exercise the next day and you’ll see how those extra kilos will level out over the next 48 hours!

2. Add something new to your workout

Trying something new for a new season just feels right. Whether it’s taking advantage of the sun and walking around the neighbourhood, or exploring the surrounding nature and taking up hiking, or changing up your Pilates practice by adding music and a barre, as long as it’s something that makes you happy and keeps you coming back for more, you’ll be inspired to get more active as the sun shines on you!

3. Set a goal for yourself

Set a goal for yourself to reach by summer, work on it and stick to it! Whether its weight you want to lose, strength you want to gain, skills you’d like to learn or time of yourself you’d like to give, whatever it is, write it down along with a timeline and go for it! The satisfaction you’ll feel once you have achieved your Spring goal will be sure to have a snowball effect into Summer!

So in the spirit of Spring, jump to it and incorporate these 3 easy ideas into your mind/body maintenance program and you’ll be well on your way to a spring cleaned body and mind!