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Claremont Pilates Party 2012

We’ve just had our 3rd Pilates end of year party! What a wonderful day with a super group of woman. I have said it before, Claremont is filled with ladies who love getting together for a glass of bubbly or 2…

Even though the weather was rather gloomy, as only Cape Town can get well into Spring, our spirits were most certainly not dampened! We spent the afternoon chatting, laughing, eating and sharing with each other why we love Pilates and how much of a good time we have when we get together! The party was a great success! The food was delicious, I used a catering company called Chez Gourmet. They were wonderful and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again! The bubbly was superb and the vibe is always awesome. Its always very rewarding to look back at an event and feel delighted by the outcome.

I find this group of ladies so inspirational. They are a mixture of moms, business women, entrepreneurs and students. They are shopaholics, chatterboxes and comedians. They always offer the best advice, from Nine West sales, to tips on how to shop on Zando.  Jokes to cheer you up, news about whats happening around Cape Town and they are more than happy to just listen when all you need to do is talk. I’m convinced that together they could take over the world!

I always love having these parties to get them all together to let them know just how important they are to me and to tell them that each and every one of them contributes something special to the studio.

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Here’s to another great year!