Studio 2 Pilates Promotions Christmas gifts already? The perfect gift!

Christmas gifts already? The perfect gift!

We keep saying it. Every year when October comes, Christmas decorations and advertisements subtly make their way into our shops and malls and when you look again, Boom! Its November, the decorations are everywhere and you are left with the anxious feeling of what you’re going to get your loved ones for Christmas and where will you find the time to browse for ideas. Well this year, we’ve made your life a little easier! This is definitely one of the best gifts you can get for a friend, family member and for those men who feel overwhelmed by the whole Christmas shopping thing, this is a great idea for that special woman in your life.

Most men struggle to find or think of the perfect gift for their someone special. Well why torture yourself by going to the mall and browsing around aimlessly with the hope of finding something she might like? The perfect gift is a click or a phone call away!

A gift voucher for Pilates classes (private or group) is something every woman would love but most just don’t get around to booking for themselves. It’s seen as a luxury rather than a necessity until you try it and quickly realise that you just don’t feel right when you have missed a Pilates class.

Think about it, it really is the perfect gift! Its thoughtful, its something different and it can be customized to suit your budget. Pilates a great workout (don’t worry, this gift wont send the wrong message and leave her thinking ‘what are you trying to say?’ – Quite the opposite! It will show her that you know she deserves to do something good for herself.) Its time she can spend focusing on her well being whilst strengthening and toning her body! Our studio in Claremont, Cape Town is a beautiful and secure ladies only studio with plenty of parking, changing room and shower facilities.

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