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What to expect from your first Pilates class?

When you decide to sign up for your first Pilates class, you might be wondering what to expect. What’s going to happen during the hour? How will you feel during and after the class? What should you bring with you and what should you wear?

Here is an idea of what to expect during a typical, Pilates Introductory class…

What should you bring?

You don’t need to bring anything with you. We have mats, equipment, a water cooler and towels for neck support. If you would like to, you can bring a small sweat towel with you, but it is not common to work up a sweat in Pilates.

What should you wear?

Wear what you feel comfortable to exercise in. Try to wear something that you feel good in too. If you feel good about yourself, you are one step closer to feeling encouraged and motivated. Shoes are not necessary for your Pilates class, but please wear socks for hygienic reasons.

How will you feel during and after the session?

Your first session will generally be very gentle. Some people say they already feel the benefits after just one Pilates class. After spending the first session learning and understanding the breathing techniques and ‘finding your core’ you will leave feeling relaxed, energised and feel like you have used muscles you never knew existed!

There are lots of things to do and remember during your first class, and your coordination and breathing might feel strange but it wont always feel like this. Your next class, and the classes after, will start to make more and more sense and your body will adjust to the method.

The next day, you may feel slightly stiff in your stomach, legs or arms. If you feel sore in your neck or back, talk to you instructor at your next class. You shouldn’t feel back or neck pain during or after Pilates, and if you do, your instructor will help you figure out why. Typically, as you gain core strength, these tensions go away.

What should you expect during the session?

The first class will be spent teaching you the basics of Pilates: breathing techniques, how to ‘find’ and engage your core, correct alignment of the spine and a few beginner Pilates exercises to piece the new information together.

Before your first class, your instructor will take a few minutes to discuss your physical history, any injuries you have/have had, and anything else you feel she may need to know. Be sure to talk about any pains you have, mild or major, injuries you have, and your habits throughout the day. All of these things will help your instructor develop the right program for you.

So there you have it. You now know what to expect from your first Pilates class. All that’s left is to try it out now! Book your first FREE Introductory class now!