Online Classes Guidelines

Studio 2 Pilates Online Classes Guidelines

We are currently running our full class schedule online via Zoom. You will be able to join our classes from the comfort of your home with an instructor who will be leading you real time through your class.

Below you’ll find the guidelines on getting started with your online classes.

1. Setup your device

For the best experience, you’ll want to join us from a device with a video camera and microphone, so that we can both see and hear you (like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone).

We are using Zoom as our video conference platform, and it works with all of the above devices. We highly recommend heading over to and creating a free account. Download and install the desktop client for your laptop, or the mobile app for your Apple or Android device. Sign in from your device, test your audio and video, and you should be all set to join your first online class!

2. Your class bookings

You’ll be able to add and remove yourself from the schedule using the Mindbody App. Alternatively, please email us at for all scheduling enquiries. Please familiarise yourself with our cancellation policy as space in the classes is limited to offer you the best possible experience.

Zoom requires all attendees to join their classes using a password. To simplify things, we’ve made the password the same for all classes. You’ll receive a calendar invite which will include the link to your class along with this password.

Please note, each individual class has its own unique link that you need to use to join the class (this link remains the same for the individual class each week) but the password will be the same for all classes on the schedule.

3. Joining your class

5 to 10 minutes before your class begins, follow the Zoom meeting link in your confirmation email. This link will open the meeting in your browser or Zoom app.

All instructors will be starting their classes no later than 5 minutes past the hour. Please sign in and join the waiting room for your class at least 5 minutes before the time to get setup and avoid joining the class late.

We highly recommend being on time for your class since the full warm up is designed to get your body ready for the class to prevent any injuries.

If you do join late, please remember a class will be in progress so please join in quietly.

All classes will end 5 minutes before the hour (as per usual) to allow for a smooth transition into the next class on the schedule.

Unfortunately we can’t run concurrent classes, so classes have to end on time to allow for the next class to start on time. As much as this is also an opportunity for you to connect with your fellow class mates, please be mindful of the next class needing to start on time

As a general rule, keep your microphone muted unless you want to speak, and then feel free to unmute yourself. 

If your connection gets sketchy during class, try turning off your video camera and following along with the verbal cues your instructor will be giving. That can take a big chunk out of the demand you’re placing on your device and internet connection.

4. Set yourself up before your class

Take a few minutes to get orientated when you first arrive before class begins. Create a space for yourself where you have some room to move, a good wi-fi signal, and minimal background noise.

For Barre classes you can use a chair, counter or table as you home barre.

Your instructor will create a Whatsapp group for your class if she needs to communicate any equipment you might need for it beforehand (eg. rolled up towels or filled water bottles for weights etc) Please feel free to leave the group at any stage.

5. Pre-class check in

Your instructor will do a quick check in about how your body is feeling. The instructor will also ask about any physical considerations you need for your class that day so that she can offer you some options or modifications during class.

Within Zoom, you have the option to change what you see on your screen. You can choose between “Gallery” view (where you can see a bunch of different talking heads in smaller windows) or you can pin your instructor’s screen to yours and that will be the only one you see. Your instructor will talk you through this before the class starts along with any other suggestions to improve the experience.

During class, if you have questions or are unsure about whether you’re safely aligned, you’re welcome to un-mute yourself and ask.

We look forward to seeing you online!

With thanks,

The Studio2Pilates team