Studio2Pilates Policies

Studio 2 Pilates Studio2Pilates Policies

Class ends at 5 to the hourClass times

In order for the transition between classes to run smoothly and quickly, our classes are 55 minutes long. All classes start on the hour and finish 5 minutes before the following hour.

Cancellation policy

At Studio2Pilates, we understand that sometimes you may have to miss your scheduled class. As such, if you let us know 12 hours before your class, we will provide you with an opportunity to do a make-up class.

Please note:

  • No credits will be added to invoices for classes missed, even if canceled on time. Make-up classes should be used in this situation
  • Make-up classes expire 3 months after the month purchased
  • Your monthly fees keep your make-up classes valid – if you discontinue classes/payment, any accumulated make-up classes will no longer be valid

As is common practice at fitness studios, when you cancel a class after the cut-off time (12 hours in advance) or simply do not attend, we, unfortunately, cannot offer a make-up class  – the class will be treated as attended. This is to ensure that we have time to adequately plan to accommodate all of our clients.

Payment Structure

  • We only accept payments by EFT.
  • Please try to avoid payments by cash deposit – incurred bank fees will be added onto the following month’s invoice for any payments made by cash deposit
  • Class fees should be paid in advance. The Payment due date for all monthly fees is the last day of the previous month

What to bring

We have everything you need at the studio. All you need to bring is a pair of socks and a sweat towel if necessary. As we have a constant flow of classes on the hour, most hours, hygiene is an important factor we need to take into account. All clients are required to wear socks to class. Only Studio2Barre classes are done barefoot.If you require a sweat towel during your class, please bring your own towel along.

Leaving the studio

A client is required to give 1 month’s notice if classes at Studio2Pilates will no longer be attended. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for monthly fees previously paid.