About Studio 2 Stretch – a mindful approach to stretching

Studio 2 Pilates About Studio 2 Stretch – a mindful approach to stretching

What are Studio 2 Stretch classes?

Spine StretchWe all know that stretching is an important part of a balanced workout routine but it is often neglected. Studio 2 Stretch classes are aimed at improving flexibility and well-being through a series of stretches and myofascial release work. Accompanied by soft music, we spend the class focusing on stretching correctly, mindfully and safely to iron out the body’s creases, stretch out tight muscles and leave the body feeling taller and relaxed.

What are the benefits of stretching?

Stretching has so many great benefits and should be incorporated into everyone’s exercise routine whether after a workout, run or cycle, or just on it’s own.

1. Stretching helps to prevent injury

Stretching helps to increase flexibility which can improve athletic performance or daily activities. Having this increased flexibility can help to prevent injury that might be related to having tight muscles. Basically, the tighter you are, the more at risk of injury you are.

2. Stretching helps to develop the mind and body connection

Hip Flexor stretchHaving a good stretching routine in place can also act as a stress release activity, soothing the mind as well as the body. A good stretch routine helps to get you to focus on your body. It helps you to focus on how you feel, where you are tight and to use your breath and visualisation to relax the muscles, all of which is essential for improving flexibility. Mindful stretching helps to take your focus away form the daily stresses of life and helps you to focus on yourself, how your body is feeling and what it needs. By focusing on your breathing throughout, you’ll finish off feeling relaxed, energised and in touch with yourself.

3. Stretching even one area of the body benefits the body as a whole

Praying crouchA lot of the time it’s not the area that might be hurting that needs stretching. For example when the muscles in the backs of your legs and glutes are tight it creates lower back discomfort. Stretching the whole body properly will ensure that all tight muscles are targeted whether directly or indirectly.

5. Stretching benefits all physical activity and exercise you currently do

When the muscles of the body are flexible, the joints are able to function better, making it easier to move properly through motions such as a squat, kicking a ball or running, which means maximum results, optimum performance and injury free movement.

6. Stretching makes everyday movement easier

Front body stretch over ballWe all need a certain degree of flexibility to perform everyday movement like bending forward to pick something up and reaching to get something off the back seat of our car. Full body flexibility means that you can perform these tasks with ease and reduce your risk of injury.

Class times

All classes are 55 minutes long. Our classes are small with a maximum of 8 ladies per class, ensuring personal attention from the instructor throughout the class.

  • Friday: 08:00 – 08:55

Group Class prices

These stretch classes run on the same pricing structure as our usual group classes. Fees are paid on a monthly basis in advance depending on how many classes per week are attended. These may be combined with weekly group Pilates or Barre classes to reduce the rate per class.

  • One class per week: R505.00 per month
  • Two classes per week: R925.00 per month
  • Three classes per week: R1270.00 per month

If you’re interested in giving Studio 2 Stretch classes a try, please contact us to book your spot or to find out more!