Getting serious about fat loss – Step 2: letting go of legumes

In our previous post on fat loss, we explained how significantly reducing your grain intake can reignite your fat loss efforts if you’ve hit a plateau. In this post, we’ll explain how you can take this even further by cutting out legumes. Recap: carbohydrates can stall your fat loss efforts In previous posts, we’ve recommended reducing your sugar, grain and fruit intake all with one goal in mind: reducing the amount of … Continue reading

Getting serious about fat loss – Step 1: reconsidering grains

If you’ve been following our series on eating for fat loss, you’ll know that we’ve outlined 4 steps towards eating to lose body fat. Cutting sugar out of your diet Eliminating high GI, refined and simple carbohydrates by sticking to whole grains Choosing your beverages to avoid drinking extra carbs Being selective about the fruit you eat If you incorporate each of these suggestions into your diet gradually, I’m very … Continue reading

Eating for fat loss – Step 4: Take it easy on the fruit

In our last post about alcohol, we covered the last of the non-controversial steps towards fat loss. Nobody’s going to argue about paying attention to your sugar, refined carbohydrate or alcohol intake when watching your waistline or managing your health generally. Hopefully these articles helped to clarify why each of these types of food is important to think about. I’m confident that following the advice in those posts will lead … Continue reading

Eating for fat loss – Step 3: Booze & your belly

In our first two posts on eating for fat loss, we focused on two areas which are highly relevant to most people who want to lose body fat: cutting out sugar and choosing low GI carbohydrates. I’m very confident that anybody that has incorporated these two steps will already be seeing results. Today, I want to touch on an area that will only affect some readers but has the potential … Continue reading

Eating for fat loss – Step 2: Choosing your carbs

In our previous post on eating for fat loss, I outlined why your first step towards losing body fat should be cutting out sugar in your diet. If you haven’t read that post yet or are just starting to think about adjusting your diet so you can lose some fat, I would actually go back and start there. While you can decide to approach these steps in a different order, … Continue reading

Eating for fat loss – Step 1: Cut out sugar

When we launched the new nutrition category on Studio2Pilates’ blog, I mentioned that one of the key areas of focus will be eating for fat loss. As one of the areas that most people want to know more about, this seems like a good place to start. It’s worth mentioning that while there’s a lot of overlap between eating for fat loss and eating for general health, there are some … Continue reading