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Romy Profile

Romy Sacks – Studio Owner

I discovered the Pilates method after being involved in a car accident which left me with chronic whiplash. As someone who was always serious about fitness, I needed to find a suitable exercise method that would not only keep me strong and active but would also provide me with much-needed rehabilitation.

I tried various methods of training but didn’t get any satisfactory results until my physiotherapist recommended that I try Pilates. From my first class, I was hooked and within weeks I could feel the change in my body.

This life-changing experience made me a passionate promoter of Pilates so training as a Pilates instructor seemed the natural thing to do. I take great pleasure in the fact that I can spend my days sharing with others what helped me so much in my life.


  •  Pilates instructor – Pilates Certification Centre with Nicole Sinoff
    • Mat work
    • Comprehensive Equipment
  • Booty Barre instructor – Tracey Mallet


  •  Pilates instructor – BASI Mat 1
    • Mat work
  • Barre instructor – Through dance and Pilates, Clara has come up with her own Barre routine
  • Reformer- In training

Zoe Hannan – Instructor

I have a very strong classical training background and always thought I would be a professional ballet dancer. After my experience dancing with Cape Town City Ballet though I discovered my love for the body. I felt that with the knowledge I’ve gained from pilates I no longer wanted to put my body through torture for the stage.

I believe that no matter what you do, dance, work at a desk, or if you are consistently on the move, pilates/body conditioning should be apart of your everyday life. I started Pilates to improve my strength and began to realize the importance of pilates. I started teaching pilates during my studies at UCT and once I qualified as a Contemporary Dance teacher I began teaching pilates to private clients. 

I’m very invested in the correct technique of pilates, the details are in the small things. I always hope to give clients a better understanding of their bodies. I am patient and I hope I can teach clients to be patient with themselves too. 


  •  BASI
    • Mat work

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