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Romy Profile

Romy Sacks – Studio Owner

I discovered the Pilates method after being involved in a car accident which left me with chronic whiplash. As someone who was always serious about fitness, I needed to find a suitable exercise method that would not only keep me strong and active but would also provide me with much-needed rehabilitation.

I tried various methods of training but didn’t get any satisfactory results until my physiotherapist recommended that I try Pilates. From my first class, I was hooked and within weeks I could feel the change in my body.

This life-changing experience made me a passionate promoter of Pilates so training as a Pilates instructor seemed the natural thing to do. I take great pleasure in the fact that I can spend my days sharing with others what helped me so much in my life.


  •  Pilates instructor – Pilates Certification Centre with Nicole Sinoff
    • Mat work
    • Comprehensive Equipment
  • Booty Barre instructor – Tracey Mallet

Clara Roslee – Instructor

Clara is a professional performance artist with a passion for fitness. Her love for dance has given her the opportunity to be trained in multiple dance disciples including Ballet and Contemporary. Clara’s love for moving the body has also led her to various fitness disciplines such as Barre Fitness, HIIT, and Pilates.

After graduating with a BA degree in dance and drama, Clara started to instruct dance and fitness in 2016. 

Through instructing, Clara wishes to create a safe space that welcomes all ages and all body types to work towards being a happy and healthy individual. Her classes have been known to be fun, upbeat, and stress-free. She believes that a healthy body facilitates a healthy mind.


  •  Pilates instructor – BASI Mat 1
    • Mat work
  • Barre instructor – Through dance and Pilates, Clara has come up with her own Barre routine
  • Reformer- In training

Zoe Hannan – Instructor

I have a very strong classical training background and always thought I would be a professional ballet dancer. After my experience dancing with Cape Town City Ballet though I discovered my love for the body. I felt that with the knowledge I’ve gained from pilates I no longer wanted to put my body through torture for the stage.

I believe that no matter what you do, dance, work at a desk, or if you are consistently on the move, pilates/body conditioning should be apart of your everyday life. I started Pilates to improve my strength and began to realize the importance of pilates. I started teaching pilates during my studies at UCT and once I qualified as a Contemporary Dance teacher I began teaching pilates to private clients. 

I’m very invested in the correct technique of pilates, the details are in the small things. I always hope to give clients a better understanding of their bodies. I am patient and I hope I can teach clients to be patient with themselves too. 


  •  BASI
    • Mat work

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