Our Pilates Instructors

Dianne Profile

Dianne Piketh – Studio Owner

With over 10 years of experience in teaching Pilates to clients from all walks of life, combined with a long background in dance, attention to detail is one of the most valued elements I bring into all my classes. I have a finely tuned understanding of how the body works and moves and I strive to offer a perfectly balanced workout for all my clients. I have been trained through James Raaff and Associates (formally known as Equilibrium) as well as Tshwane University of Technology in the Control Conditioning method. I taught for four years in Johannesburg and in the U.K. before moving to Cape Town to open Studio 2 Pilates in January 2009.

I love the concept of Studio 2 Pilates! I love that we can offer women of all ages, fitness levels, shapes and sizes an inspiring environment that provides them with the tools they need to strengthen their bodies, restore their vitality, invigorate their minds and elevate their spirits.


  • B-tech National diploma in Dance
  • Pilates instructor – James Raaff & Associates
    • Mat work
    • Peri-Natal Pilates
Romy Profile

Romy Sacks – Studio Manager

I discovered the Pilates method after being involved in a car accident which left me with chronic whiplash. As someone who was always serious about fitness, I needed to find a suitable exercise method that would not only keep me strong and active, but would also provide me with much needed rehabilitation.

I tried various methods of training but didn’t get any satisfactory results until my physiotherapist recommended that I try Pilates. From my first class I was hooked and within weeks I could feel the change in my body.

This life-changing experience made me a passionate promoter of Pilates so training as a Pilates instructor seemed the natural thing to do. I take great pleasure in the fact that I can spend my days sharing with others what helped me so much in my life.


  •  Pilates instructor – Pilates Certification Centre with Nicole Sinoff
    • Mat work
    • Equipment
  • Booty Barre instructor – Tracey Mallet

Susan McAlpine

Having spent many years studying music and performance, both in South Africa and then in Amsterdam, physical well being was often a neglected part of my life. Long hours of practicing and rehearsals, as well as heavy lifting, left me with lower back pain, regular bouts of tendonitis, tension headaches and shoulder pain. But upon my return to Cape Town I decided to dedicate more time to my own well being, both mentally and physically.

Pilates offers a wonderful insight into the body and allows each person to better themselves in a safe and harmonious way. I felt an immediate connection to Pilates and have enjoyed the benefits of being stronger, fitter and healthier than I ever was previously.

With music being such an important part of my life I also love the concept of getting fitter through dance, which is what brought me to Zumba. Zumba gives you a wonderful and energetic workout, while engaging with music and enjoying yourself. I have found that the concentration and precision of the Pilates practice combines wonderfully with the uninhibited energy of Zumba.

Studio 2 Pilates has such a friendly atmosphere, where anyone can feel safe and at ease. I have learnt so much from the clients and instructors and look forward to continuing this journey with the studio!


  • Pilates instructor – Certified through Trifocus Fitness Academy
    • Mat work
  • Zumba instructor – Zumba B1

Beccy Prior

Originally from Lancashire, England, I qualified with a Bachelor of Science with honours in Occupational Therapy from The University of Liverpool in 2005. I began my OT career in the NHS, working predominantly within adult neurological rehabilitation. I found the greatest satisfaction in enabling people to maximise their quality of life following life changing events such as stroke and brain injury.

In 2008 a voluntary project ‘Healing Through Horses’ brought me to Cape Town, where I helped to facilitate therapeutic horse riding for disabled children. Soon thereafter, I discovered the benefits of Pilates and it became an integral part of my health journey. Wanting to deepen my own practice, I completed the Pilates matwork certification with Conscious Movement Education.

Since 2014 I have been enjoying teaching Pilates matwork , and regularly attending workshops to make sure that my classes are fresh and inspiring. I am currently doing my Pilates equipment certificate course with Conscious Movement Education.

My teaching approach is to foster body awareness and mindfulness of movement, with a solid foundation in the traditional Pilates principles. I love how Pilates exercises integrate the whole body. Pilates can be a fantastic practice for rehabilitation, encouraging clients to move in safe and efficient movement patterns, correcting muscle imbalances and improving posture. I believe a balanced body is a happy body.


  • Bachelor of Science with honours in Occupational Therapy
  • Pilates instructor – Certified through Conscious Movement Education
    • Mat work

If you are an instructor interested in joining the team at Studio 2 Pilates, have a read through our Instructor Job Page and get in touch to see what opportunities are available!