Pilates, Barre & Stretch classes

Studio 2 Pilates offers a number of different levels of Pilates classes as well as some alternative classes for you to consider like Barre and Stretch. Some clients stick to one type for years whereas others decide to mix things up after a few months. Regardless of your schedule and your requirements, we can usually find an arrangement that suits everybody.

Below we’ve listed how our typical Pilates classes are structured and we’ve included information on Studio 2 Barre – The cardio companion to Pilates and Studio 2 Stretch – A mindful approach to Stretching.

Classes are 55 minutes long

  • Group Pilates ClassesGroup classes are a great way to get many of the benefits of Pilates with other ladies at a similar level. We still provide lots of individual attention as there are rarely more than 6 and never more than 8 women in one class. We encourage movement through the different levels as you progress and your body strengthens. Our Pilates class levels are listed below:
  • Foundation classes (level 1) – These basic classes are for those who have never done Pilates before or for those who are struggling to grasp the technique at the pace of a Beginner group class. We recommend starting here before joining a Beginner group class, even if only for 1 or 2 classes. These classes are used to break everything down to its finest detail, to teach the very basic principles of Pilates and to prepare for a Beginner group class
  • Beginner classes (level 2) –  These gentle classes are suitable for those who are comfortable and safely able to learn in a group environment where the intention is to teach the full beginner matwork syllabus, in preparation for the Improver group classes. These classes are also good for rehabilitation of injuries
  • Improver classes (level 3) – These moderate-intensity classes are ideal for those who are familiar and comfortable with the Pilates method, technique, principles and full beginner matwork syllabus and are ready to be challenged slightly more by adding variations, accessories and modifications to the beginner matwork syllabus
  • Intermediate classes (level 4) – These strong-intensity classes are for those who are completely comfortable and proficient in the Beginner and Improver level exercises and are ready to start progressing towards the full matwork advanced repertoire

Please have a look at the Studio 2 Pilates Class Schedule to see what times might suit you. Please remember we cannot promise that every class has available spots!

  • Semi-private Pilates Classes (2 people)This is a great option for friends, moms and daughters or any two people who would like to enjoy a more private class while keeping each other motivated.
  • Individual Matwork Pilates ClassesIndividual classes are a great place to start if you’re new to Pilates or you’ve been away from it for a while. They allow you to spend time one on one with your instructor getting to know your body and what works for you. Some ladies choose to stay with individual classes indefinitely.
  • Individual Reformer Pilates ClassesTake your Individual classes up a notch! The reformer offers all the benefits of Matwork Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. These in turn lead to better posture, graceful and efficient movement, and for many, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances.
  • Pregnancy Pilates ClassesWe’ve had the privilege of helping many pregnant ladies through their 9 months. Pilates can help make pregnancy, labour and motherhood more comfortable by focusing on the right areas for each phase. Please make sure to speak with your doctor before starting any new training regimes! You can read more about how Pilates and pregnancy go together on our blog.
  • Barre ClassesThis is a great class for those of you looking to add a bit of variety as well as that very important cardio element to your Pilates classes. With a combination of Pilates, stretching, dance and cardio, this class is sure to have you working up a bit of a sweat while still focusing on the principles and technique each of the disciplines are know for. To find out more, including class times and prices, visit About Studio 2 Barre.
  • Stretch ClassesIncluding Stretch classes in your normal exercise routine provides your body with a chance to ‘iron out its creases’ and relieve tightness and tension caused by everyday activities. These classes are done as group classes and are charged at our normal group rates. Please visit About Studio 2 Stretch to find out more.

For Individual Classes, if you are stuck for a babysitter, bring baby with! Our studio is quiet and safe giving you peace of mind while you exercise!