Pilates, Barre & Stretch Class Prices

Below you will find a detailed list of prices for the types of classes offered at Studio 2 Pilates. Please feel free to contact us if you require any clarification.

Pilates, Barre & Stretch class prices are based on a monthly fee per client and are payable at the beginning of the month via eft, cash, card or Snapscan.

Group Pilates, Barre & Stretch Classes (Monthly fee, per client)
  • One class per week: R505.00
  • Two classes per week: R925.00
  • Three classes per week: R1270.00
  • Drop In Group class: R180.00
Off-peak Standard Group Pilates Classes (Monthly fee, per client)

Studio 2 Pilates offers a reduced rate for classes that fall during our quieter times. Off-Peak classes currently running are Improver classes on a Monday & Thursday at 3pm and Beginner classes on Fridays at 3pm. Please note that these rates only apply when there are 3 or more ladies in the same class. Please contact us to find out what slots are currently available if you would like to form your own group class!

  • One class per week: R430.00
  • Two classes per week: R790.00
  • Three classes per week: R1080.00
Semi-private Pilates Classes (Monthly fee, per client)
  • One class per week: R990.00
  • Two classes per week: R1880.00
  • Three classes per week: R2690.00
  • Drop In class: R350.00
Individual Pilates Classes (Monthly fee, per client)
  • One class per week: R1400.00
  • Two classes per week: R2700.00
  • Three classes per week: R3990.00
  • Drop In Individual class: R440.00

Classes with Dianne Piketh, owner of Studio 2 Pilates

The vast majority of the classes at Studio2 are taught by our qualified and talented instructors. While I do still teach some group and individual classes myself, I spend much of my time working with the instructors as well as managing the studio. As my time is limited, individual and semi-private classes with me are charged at a different rate as outlined below.

Semi-private Pilates Classes with Dianne (Monthly fee, per client)
  • One class per week: R1240.00
  • Two classes per week: R2350.00
  • Three classes per week: R3362.50
  • Drop In class: R400.00
Individual Pilates Classes with Dianne (Monthly fee, per client)
  • One class per week: R1750.00
  • Two classes per week: R3375.00
  • Three classes per week: R4990.00
  • Drop In Individual class: R500.00

NB: The prices listed are for monthly classes at our studio. For other arrangements or for more than 3 classes per week, please contact us for rates.