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Studio 2 Pilates prides itself on offering the best possible Pilates experience in its small studio in Cape Town. With this blog, we want to offer something more, to clients and non-clients alike, by sharing useful information on a variety of topics including Pilates, fitness, nutrition and general well-being.

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Preventing neck and back pain

After a trip to the hairdresser, one too many flicks of my new fringe left me with an intense neck spasm and since then, a niggle that’s easily aggravated by extended time in front of my computer. As my dodgy neck niggle serves as a constant reminder about my posture and how to sit at my computer in particular, to prevent neck and back pain, I thought it might be … Continue reading

Low Carb High Fat Mini Cheesecakes

When planning, preparing and going out for meals, we try to stay as Low Carb, High Fat as possible but it’s definitely not always easy. I have a serious sweet tooth and am constantly tempted by the evil aisles in the grocery stores leading up to the till, or by the delicious sounding desserts on a menu. With a little bit of planning, motivation and excellent replacement recipes, lowering the amount of … Continue reading

A deeper look into core strength

Core strength is an important part of a well-rounded fit and healthy body. Aside from occasional situps and pushups, however, core exercises are often neglected. Read on to find out what your core is, why it’s important to strengthen your core and how to do this with some simple Pilates exercises. What is the core? Contrary to the popular belief that the core refers only to the abdominal or lower-back … Continue reading

A few of my favourite Pilates blogs and articles

As part of a personal development goal I have set for myself both in life and professionally, reading amazing Pilates blogs and content posted by others in the know is one of the most inspiring ways for me to learn. It really is a privilege to have access to such a wealth of knowledge these days. It’s all waiting for us, we just need to explore a bit! I would … Continue reading

8 reasons to try Individual Pilates classes!

In my humble opinion, Pilates is one of the most effective ways to work your entire body safely. With regular practice, you’ll develop a stronger, more flexible and more toned body. It addresses postural problems, improves balance and co-ordination and relieves pain and tension. As long as you are working with a well trained instructor, these benefits are relevant to any type of Pilates class you choose to join – … Continue reading

Low carb cooking – Roast pepper magic

One of my favourite low carb weekend meals has to be a cheese platter! Some local cheeses, olives and charcuterie are a winning combination of low carb treats! To balance the meal out a bit, I love adding a fresh Caprese salad into the mix but my favourite vegetable accompaniment to a cheese platter has to be roast peppers! This roast pepper recipe is so simple and so delicious, I … Continue reading

New Pilates Group classes launched!

Keeping the number of ladies in our group classes to a maximum of 8 is the key to offering our clients a quality experience. For this reason, our classes tend to fill up quickly and so our aim is to continue to offer as many options as possible to suit everyone’s schedules and budgets. With this, we are excited to offer the following new Pilates Group classes to you: New … Continue reading

5 Yoga poses to incorporate into your Pilates practice

Yoga and Pilates are both unique forms of exercise in their own ways, but they also complement each other very well. Sometimes, joining a Yoga class when your regular practice is Pilates-based can lend a fresh perspective to the way you approach your Pilates workouts as a whole. Here are a few examples of Yoga poses you could incorporate into your practice to add a more mindful approach to your Pilates class. 1. … Continue reading

The foam roller – how it works and why it’s such a great tool!

Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release technique that can relieve tension in the body. Foam rolling has become a familiar everyday practice for people of all ages and levels of fitness. Self-myofascial release is a term used for self-massage to release muscle tightness. If you work out regularly, have tight muscles, suffer from injuries, have muscular imbalances, feel stressed or experience tension in your body, then foam rolling will benefit you. What … Continue reading

Low carb recipe – Egg muffins

This low carb recipe is so quick and easy. It’s perfect to quickly make on a Sunday evening, leaving you prepared with a healthy, tasty and quick breakfast during the week. Ingredients 12 eggs mixed herbs salt & pepper 1 red pepper 2 rounds of feta (any fillings will do – get creative, try something different each time) Method Preheat oven to 200 degrees Grease muffin tins enough for 12 … Continue reading